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About a Girl

I am 27, a mum, engaged to a wonderful boy and I love my life!

I am also a total music nut, almost to the point of being obsessive. Classically trained as a violinist for almost 10 years..I enjoy quoting obscure lyrics and facts about my favourite artists is quite a common occurrence for me, sad I know. But it's just part of who I am. I'm usually having the most fun ever when I get to go to live gigs. My main faves are bands like TOOL, Nick Cave, PJ Harvey, APC, Nirvana and lots of other that I can't think of right now.

I also have a deep passion for body modification, from tattoos to piercing, scarification and suspension. I have several piercings above and below the neck (just think of all the pink bits) and a couple of largish custom tattoos. I am currently planning my backpiece (inspired by Alex Grey artwork) and some other pieces.

Other than that - I generally love life and am a very open minded person - if you wanna know anything else just ask!

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    Sacred is the Wind

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    SHhhhhh... Don't look now, but I think that Z15 person is damn near my neighbor!!


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    There is an Edit thing at the top left of the My Recent Posts box... it only give the options to show who can see the comments and 2 other checkboxes I think.

    Sorry for the delay... :) I hate this YUKU thing!! Only because I don't understand it. I told one of those doods that started it up what I thought (in a constructive way of course!!).


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    Hey I like your profile!! How are you doing?


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